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  • Are you hurting because your spouse had an affair?
  • Is your heart heavy and in desperate need of answers?
  • Have you questioned your judgement?
  • Have you wondered \”why me\”?
  • Have you wondered if this affair is your fault?
  • Are you wondering \”can I ever get over this betrayal?
  • Or maybe you\’ve both talked and you\’ve forgiven him/her but cannot seem to move forward?
  • Is the hurt you feel affecting your intimacy?
  • Is it affecting your sexual relations?
  • Is the affair re-occurring in your head every now and then?
  • Are you feeling so alone emotionally?
  • Do you want to work with your spouse to find healing and move on from this?
  • Are you looking for ways to help your spouse get over your infidelity?
  • Are you truly repentant and want to put in the time and energy required to heal your marriage?
  • Are you remorseful, have done your best to get your spouse to forgive you, yet both of you are not making anyway? 
  • Do you want to affair-proof your marriage?

If you answered \”yes\” to two or more from the above questions, then this BOOT CAMP is you!

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This Affair Can\’t Be The End Of Your Marriage!


As deadly as having an affair or cheating can be, you have to know that your marriage can survive it and flourish if both of you AGREE, and put in the work necessary.

It is possible that your marriage will never be the same again. It can either spiral downward, or become even stronger! But that depends heavily on your commitment to heal or to help your spouse heal from your infidelity!!!

About This Boot Camp

This boot camp is purely about helping couples who\’s marriage has suffered any form of adultery, cheating or infidelity get through this painful phase of their lives with one goal in view, HEALING!!!

During this 7-days boot camp, you will guided on how to overcome this trauma, have that scary conversations, bare it all, how to manage your emotions, deal with obsessive thought about the affair, how to rebuilt trust, how to earn the trust, how to achieve better intimacy and most importantly, how to make sure it doesn\’t happen again.






  • 2 Hrs intensive webinar.
  • 7 days boot camp on whatsapp.
  • How to effectively communicate your feelings to your spouse so as to get the desired result.
  • Steps on how to rebuild your self-confidence.
  • Tools to accountability and transparency
  • Affirmations that will help rebuild your love
  • Practical tasks that will help you understand the healing process, forgiveness and communication.
  • Rebuilding the emotional connection between you two.
  • Tools to help the airing spouse learn that healing will take some time.
  • The need for sexual intimacy and it\’s role in fixing the relationship with your spouse.



  • For husband and wife who are either going through infidelity trauma or who have had an affair.
  • Couples who are willing to put in the work to rebuild lost trust.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Why should I trust this program to work for me?

Because we have both used the exact steps and strategies we will be teaching you to get over our own infidelity and rebuild trust in our marriage.

How long is this program?

The program is a 7 day healing and restoration program. Day 1 will be a 2 hours webinar and the next 6 days will be on whatsapp assigning tasks and follow-ups 

Will I have one on one access to either of you?

There will be a group access 1 hours daily. There is however access to a paid one on one package for interested persons

Will the webinar be for the partner who was chaeted on?

The 29th August will be for queens who have been cheated on and 30th for Kings who have either cheated or cheated on.

What if I don\’t have the time for the boot camp, Can I learn and take action later?

Honestly, we would strongly advice you only sign up if you are prepared to do the work. The goal should be working together to rebuild trust in your marriage!!!


Hi Queen, I am Cecilia

Popularly called (The Bedroom Matters Boss).

I help you enjoy your marriage and intimacy by breaking down false programming and teaching you a few trick to enjoy your man and to him coming for more lol.

 I am a certified relationship and marriage counselor. I am also a clinical sexologist and pro-marriage.

This program is very dear to my heart because I have lived through that pain and I am a living witness to how strong a marriage can grow after an affair.

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Customers reviews

What people are saying about this boot camp!

The both of you have inspired thousands of marriages out there especially mine. Thank you for staying true to your words when you promised to hold my hands through the recovery journey. My King is a better man and he has been 100% transparent with me. I have also become better at communicating my needs and wants to him without judgement. We are both grateful to both of you.


Mr & Mrs Edet (Nigeria)

God used you Queen mother to restore confidence in myself and in marriage. When I met you through Instagram, I had left my marriage due to repeated cheating and the total lack of remorse on the part of my husband. But He came apologizing after a while and I refused. I remember coming into your DM for advise and after 2 sessions with you, my true healing process started. Boundaries have been set, we are happier than we have ever been because you encouraged honest communication. God bless you and your King ma.

Queen Leslie (Canada) 

We\’ve been married for almost 9 years, and our story is quite interesting, but we\’re not going to bore you with it just yet. 

we are both very passionate about building healthy marriages and we are trained to do so. Feel free to sign up for this boot camp and let\’s hold you by the hand through this journey as we have done with so many other clients.

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