STATISTICS show that SEX is the second highest reason for problems and divorce in marriages! And that one in 4 marriages have had to deal with infidelity.

An affair is possibly the biggest form of betrayal one can experience in a relationship.


It dissolves love, creates resentment, displays deceit, causes emotional trauma similar to PTSD, and removes trust from the marriage bond.


That being said, your marriage is important to you, and the choice to seek marriage counseling for infidelity or infidelity counseling is a giant step toward working through this agonizing experience.

I, Cecilia, will help you whether you’re doing this alone, or with your spouse, get over the pain and rebuild your marriage to become even sweeter, healthier and more passionate than before!!! IT IS POSSIBLE & THE KEY IS IN YOUR HANDS!

Now, Here’s What You’ll Benefit During & After Our Session

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Why You Should Work With BEDROOM MATTERS?

We consider us a good fit if you’re looking for:

A result oriented counselor.


A counselor who is trained and has commendable track-record


A counselor who Is experienced in dealing with the couple’s specific issues


A counselor who works with the couple to develop a success working plan


One who shows compassion to both partners but doesn’t exactly pamper them


One who doesn’t take sides


A counselor who does not allow one partner to speak for or interrupt the other


A counselor who maintains control of each session


A counselor who can hold them accountable


A counselor who Is accessible


A counselor who encourages the couple early to express if they are comfortable with the services offered.

We at Bedroom matters, use Godly principles and science based techniques to help clients gain clarity and find the help that they desire.


We keep our clients confidential, so you never have to worry if your information or conversation with us is safe or not.

How Much Do You Charge Per Session?

We offer in-person or physical sessions and we also offer virtual sessions via Zoom or any other platform agreed on by clients and us.


While a SESSION lasts for 60 MINUTES, if you’re ready to enjoy a blissful marriage select from the 3packages below to book session now


One Off Session ($150 | N90,000)



4-Session ($550 | N330,000)



8-Session ($800 | N480,000)


How To Book A Session?

Now you’ve agreed that you’re ready to take that leap into a more blissful marriage, so to book a session with me kindly…

Click on any of the payment option button above, you can choose to pay using (Paystack, PayPal or Stripe)

You’ll be redirected to a different page to securely make payment, and once the payment is successful you’ll be asked to book a session with me and schedule a best time using calendly.

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