SEX is the second highest reason for problems and divorce in marriages!!! Let that sink in!!!

(Sexual energy is a powerful force in our lives and if ignored can cause more damage in a marriage than we are willing to admit)

Sexual intimacy betweem married couples creates bond and togetherness like nothing else on earth and it brings couples deep feelings of peace, fulfillment, love, acceptance and overall well-being. But it can also be a source of pain, frustration, anger, rejection, division and so much more.

As a TRAINED CLINICAL SEXOLOGIST, I have the tools and skill set required to help couples deal with:

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Why You Should Work With BEDROOM MATTERS?

As an experienced SEXOLOGIST, I provide my clients the opportunity to discuss these or other topics in a relaxed, non-medical, non-judgmental setting at your own pace.

I can help you establish a comfort level in discussing sexuality. Many clients find that it is a huge relief finally to talk about worries and concerns like these with an understanding, sympathetic, well-informed professional who can talk easily and naturally about sexual matters.

We at Bedroom matters, use Godly principles and science based techniques to help clients gain clarity and find the help that they desire.


We keep our clients confidential, so you never have to worry if your information or conversation with us is safe or not.

How Much Do You Charge Per Session?

We offer in-person or physical sessions and we also offer virtual sessions via Zoom or any other platform agreed on by clients and us.


While a SESSION lasts for 60 MINUTES, if you’re ready to enjoy a blissful marriage select from the 3packages below to book session now


One Off Session ($150 | N90,000)



4-Session ($550 | N330,000)



8-Session ($800 | N480,000)


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Now you’ve agreed that you’re ready to take sexual life to another level, so to book a session with me kindly…

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