How to be happy in marriage?

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Are you facing Marriage Relationship Problems?


Couples Problems

Most romantic couples experience some challenge at some point in their relationship. Some of these common challenges may include infidelity, loss of intimacy, communication difficulties, coping with stress challenges, financial pressures, boundary violations, difficulty balancing individual and couple expectations, divorce, separation and breaking up. Whatever the challenge,


Sex Issues

Being aware of sexual problems and doing something to fix them may save your marriage.


Commitment Issues

Facing a fear of commitment starts with changing the focus from what you think you are losing to realizing what you are potentially gaining – the rewards of a loyal and loving relationship.


Inlaw Issues

While it’s very unlikely that you can avoid them all the time, you can set reasonable limits and boundaries by engaging in open and honest communication, both with your in-laws and your spouse. And, when you really need a break from them, you can draw from some short-term tricks to avoid them for a while!

How I can help you be happier

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Marriage counseling, also called couples therapy, helps couples  understand and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. Marriage counseling gives couples the tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, problem solve and even argue in a healthier way.

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Best Sellers in Marriage & Long-Term Relationships

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Public Speaking

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Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is a form of couples therapy that can help you and your partner prepare for marriage. It is intended to help you and your partner discuss several important issues, ranging from finances to children so that you are both on the same page.

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Sex Coaching

Offers insight into how clients can improve their sex lives and overcome erotic barriers.

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Infidelity Recovery

Just because infidelity is common and is something that’s possible to overcome, doesn’t mean that you will have an easy time recovering from infidelity. At some point, you will have to decide if the infidelity means the end of your marriage, but you might not want to decide that right away. The best way to get recovery from infidelity in a marriage is to go to couples therapy and go through the infidelity recovery stages, at the end of which you will decide how you want to proceed with your healing.

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"The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love." "Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence." "Never love anybody who treats you like you're ordinary." "Happily ever after is not a fairy tale—it's a choice."

About me

Cecilia Agu is the founder of BEDROOM MATTERS INTERNATIONAL! 

Mrs. Agu is an international speaker, Amazon published author, Award winning Counselor, Certified Relationship and Marriage Counselor, a certified Intimacy Coach, and Clinical Sexologist. 

She is one of the most international sort after speakers on marriage, intimacy & sex, Mrs. Agu speaks to a wide range of audience about God, marriage and sex. 

Cecilia is an amazing personality, who has helped couples enjoy their marriages and intimacy! She has currently helped over 10,000 couples add spice and sizzle to their marriage to the Glory of God.

Cecilia is passionate about building a happy homes using Godly principles. 


She says it as it is and take a NO-NONSENSE tough love approach to all marital and pre-marital issues.

She is the inventor of THE FIRST COUPLE’S GAME CARDS IN AFRICA and author of 3 books “15 fun activities for couples” “How to become a better lover” & “270 flirty messages to send to him” 

She has been featured at the BESPOKE LIFESTYLE SOCIAL, THE WOMEN WITH STORIES which was featured on the GUARDIAN WOMANTedX, House on the rock church Abuja, Combat Spirituel Congo,  “HOW TO MAKE LOVE CONFERENCE”, So many virtual trainings, and so much more! *

From a rape survivor who hated sex in the early years of marriage to becoming the BEDROOM MATTERS BOSS, serving the world with her MESSage! 

She is married to Amanna Agu and blessed with 4 adorable children.

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Hello my queen just want to appreciate you again for turning my relationship with my husband around after the last revamp me challenge it has been sweet all the way my husband looks for anything little reason to come home you have spiced things up between us and am happy to see the sparks of joy in his eyes when he comes home God continue to bless your home and the work you do
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Queen Oge
After the revamp me challenge, my sex life totally change, my husband testify to it, 9years of marriage I never initiate sex before until you thought me, I don’t like to give my husband blow job my but I learned that in revamp challenge the type of treatment and getting and respect now from my husband since the revamp challenge is still doing me magic, I usually see sex as work before but you bedroom matter change my mind towards that. Now um enjoying my sexual life with my adorable husband money we’ll spent thank you for organizing that, if I should give you rate on what you do I will give you 10 starts and more. I thank God that I come across you bedroom matter and also thank my friend that introduced me to your page.
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Queen Hannah
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Alisa Hester

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