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OLD About

Research has it that finance and sex are the two main reason for divorce in marriages in the world. With finance there are so many people one can talk to, from family, friends or finance professionals. With sex, not so many to talk to. Bedroom MattersĀ  (BM) was born out of the need to restore intimacy in marriages and help the family system blossom.

BM has helped thousands of marriage experience increased sexual satisfaction and we do this through:

  • Online courses
  • Webinars
  • Challenges
  • Workshops
  • E-books
  • Group & Individual Coaching.

At Bedroom Matters, we believe that marriage was created to be enjoyed, not to be endured. And we also believe that SEX is a beautiful gift given to man by God. It is therefore extremely important to us that couples enjoy this amazing gift.


I am extremely blessed to be married to the man of my dreams and I mean this in all sincerity.

Growing up, marriage was not something I prayed for at all because I never saw any happy couple and also because i was sexually abused as a child. So I dreaded sex.

I was in a couple of relationships but they all ended for several reasons.

One ex boyfriend broke my heart so bad and he looked like \”The One\” but when I realized he was cheating on me, I left that relationship.

For a long time, I was not in any relationship because I just did not want the drama attached. But then I met my Knight in shinning Amour Amanna Agu. Our story was divinely orchestrated.




Amanna and I met at the back stage of a comedy concert in Abuja, Nigeria and according to him, he knew I was going to be his wife. But all i saw that first night was a tall, dark, handsome and well dressed man.

The first two years of our relationship was strictly business. But then one day, he asked me out. He was shy throughout that first date, he could not utter a word to me (lol).

Seven Months later he proposed to me. Six months after the proposal we were married.


After the wedding came sexual challenges. Sex was a major challenge and we were not getting it at all.

I hated sex with everything in me because it brought back those painful rape memories. But the good thing was that I told my husband about it before we got married. So he helped me through those sexless marriage tough times. I took classes, learned how to let go of the pain, hurt and wrong programming that held me back for so long. And I started enjoying sexual intimacy with my husband.

Today, I have helped thousands of couples build and enjoy a sexually satisfied marriage.

You too can have amazing sex in your marriage.

Quit making excuses and give me a call today?