My Couple’s Game Cards was created with lots of love in my heart, to help couples have fun conversations, know each other better, create fun memories, renew, rebuild, reconnect and spice up their relationship.

About The Creator

Cecilia or Queen Mother as she is fondly called is a Certified Relationship and Marriage Counselor, A Certified Clinical Sexologist, Sex Educator and Intimacy Coach. She is also an Author and an online Course Creator for Married Couples. She created COUPLE’S CONVERSATION GAME CARDS (Romance & Erotic) to help couples communicate their sexual desires, needs and get to know each other even better. This was also created to bridge the gap of communication among couples. Cecilia’s mission for this game cards is to encourage couples to intentionally create time for each other to bond, and talk more especially in African. However, this card game was created for couples globally.  

Why This Card Game?

Over the course of counselling and coaching couples and also looking back at the early years of my own marriage, I have realized that communication is a vital part of a successful and happy marriage. I have also realized that most couples want to communicate but do not know how to go about it. Intimacy and Sex is another very important part of marriage but people from Africa rarely talk about the subject due to culture, tradition or religious programming. And so you find married people who can’t talk or tell each other how they feel, or what they desire sexually. 

This Couple’s Conversation Game Cards will help you with fun questions that will spark healthy conversations, while building and creating lasting memories and friendship with your spouse. 


  1.  It helps couples communicate effectively,  in a fun way.
  2. It helps cultivate deeper connection.
  3. It brings about careful and intentional date night planning and bonding.
  4. It helps couples focus on each other.
  5. It brings couples out of their comfort zone, helps them think deep and have conversations that are targeted at building friendship.
  6. It also helps couples laugh genuinely, relieves stress and fosters honesty.
  7. It helps create fun memories.
  8. It helps couples know each other better as their needs and wants are constantly changing.
  9. It helps them explore their romantic and sexual desires.
  10. It relieves emotional, mental and physical tension.
  11. Playing this cards  fosters multiple kissing and intimate moments.
  12. It can also lead to some serious honest and explosive romantic and sexual satisfaction and release.

How Does It Work?

  • Get your deck of cards.
  • Have some snacks.
  • Get a bottle of wine.
  • Both of you should draw 5 cards each from the two categories.
  • Kiss for 5 seconds before you begin.
  • All questions must be answered by both of you.
  • Share a kiss after every satisfactory response.
  • Have fun with this deck. Explore, play and love up on each other.

The First EVER Couple's Game Cards In Africa!

This new product by Cecilia Agu of Bedroom Matters is an awesome bonding tool for couples. I had the privilege to be amongst the first to preorder, and I can honestly say we had a great time getting to know ourselves more. It's fun, exciting and helps you to know more about your spouse and even yourself. I realized that there were some things I just assumed I knew about my King because we've been married for 17 years, but by the time we played this card game, my eyes were opened to reality. I recommend this Bonding game cards to anyone who is ready to take his/her relationship to the next level..
Oluwatoyin Ogunkanmi
Parenting Coach