Are You Lacking Regular Intimacy & Sex in Your Marriage?

The 21 Days A Romance And Sex Conscious Revamp Me Challenge Program For Wives That Turns An Ordinary Wife Into A Sexual Bomshell

“Hello Queen just want to appreciate you again for turning my relationship with my husband around after the last revamp me challenge it has been sweet all the way my husband looks for anything little reason to come home you have spiced things up between us and am happy to see the sparks of joy in his eyes when he comes home God continue to bless your home and the work you do”

Queen Oge Lagos, Nigeria

What Is This Challenge About?

>> This challenge is about helping queens boost their confidence, rediscover or improve their sexy charm, have and enjoy regular sexual intimacy with their kings.

>> This challenge will also help queens build fun activities with their kings, improve their sex life, help them understand the power of their mind, their sensuality, and how to arouse and keep themselves in the mood in readiness for explosive sex every single day IF they choose to.

>> I am going to show queens how to wield their God-given sexiness like a MAGIC WAND and get instant results!!!

>> This challenge has been proven to work over and over again! This is not an empty brag, it is TESTED and TRUSTED with over 500 queens who swear by it.

>> All it takes is a few easy daily tasks and you’ll start to see a huge difference within the first 3 days – and all for less than the price of one good human hair! 

What’s In It For Me?

1. You will experience deep connection love, romance and a new spark between you and your king within the first 3 days GUARANTEED!

2. You will begin to feel more sensually and sexually confident and be able to initiate sexual intimacy more.

3. You will be able to enjoy your marriage even more than you ever have. And of course end the need to keep snooping through his phone because

4. You’ll both be having a time of your lives.

But The Problem Is

>>> You know you should be sexually attracted to your king, but you probably are not because you’ve allowed life to happen.

>>> Maybe the stress of life has robbed you and your king of the pleasure of sexual intimacy and you need to change that ASAP.

>>> Or maybe you know you should be initiating and planning intimate moments, date nights, weekend getaways, vacations, but you haven’t prioritized it. 

>>> Maybe you just don’t know how to go about any of it.

>>> You probably are among the Queens who are shy and in need of urgent help to learn to own their sexuality.

>>> One major problem I see often is that of women running to learn sexual prowess because they either suspect or know that their husband is seeing someone else on the side.

What Ever Your Story Is, I need You To Draw Strength This…

One of my client (who wants me to keep her anonymous) was sexually abused as a child, it wrecked her as a person and she took that pain into her marriage and it almost ruined things for her.

But it took her ONE DECISION, ACTION and THE GRACE OF GOD to change all that, and today, she is a Clinical Sexologist.

I Still Have Another Client Queen Funmi…

She got married quite young and according to her, she was very naive but her King was a patient man and she began to enjoy intimacy with him.

Then she came across our Instagram page and joined this 21 DAYS REVAMP CHALLENGE just to add more spice to her marriage.

Guess what?

Her King was so impressed with her new found skills and begged us not to end the class.

Now, What Is Your Reason? What Is Your  Drag? Why Haven’t You Signed Up Yet?

What Few Of My Students Are Saying

Queen Hannah Babs.(CNA USA)

After the revamp me challenge, my sex life totally change, my husband testify to it, 9 years of marriage I never initiate sex before until you thought me, I don't like to blow jo my husband but I learned that in revamp challenge the type of treatment and getting and respect now from my husband since the revamp challenge is still doing me magic, I usually see sex as work before but you bedroom matter change my mind towards that. I thank God that I came across your instagram page @bedroommatters and also thank my friend that introduced me to your page.

Queen Oge Lagos, Nigeria

"Hello my queen just want to appreciate you again for turning my relationship with my husband around after the last revamp me challenge it has been sweet all the way my husband looks for anything little reason to come home you have spiced things up between us and am happy to see the sparks of joy in his eyes when he comes home God continue to bless your home and the work you do".

With 21 DAYS REVAMP CHALLENGE, You will experience sexual bliss like never before in your marriage. You will move from ordinary everyday sex or just missionary style to explosive and pleasurable sexual experience. THIS IS A PROMISE! BUT YOU HAVE TO COMMIT TO TAKING ACTION!

So, Say Goodbye To:

And Start To Enjoy…

THE 21 DAYS REVAMP CHALLENGE, is a done-with you, transformational program that helps wives grab the attention of their husbands instantly, making her process too irresistible to be ignored. She gets his attention with her new found sexual confidence and aura!!!

We open this program only twice yearly! So take action now, or wait another six (6) months.

Here’s Our Game Plan For Success

The only thing standing between your marital and sexual happiness is; WHAT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED OR UPGRADED, THE SKILLS REQUIRED FOR IT AND THE MOTIVATION TO TAKE ACTION!

The 21 Days Revamp Challenge provides you with these 5 TRIED and TRUSTED STEPS to getting your marriage and bedroom, REVAMPED!!!

As soon as you sign up, you get:

1.  A sensual box delivered to you in preparation.

2. You get a list of over 30 activities to choose from when the challenge begins.

3. You get access to your own learning dashboard with all the training inside.

4. You get access to our VIP community where you will receive daily notification of tasks to be done and also help accountable.

5. All you need to do in return for your TRANSFORMATION is SHOW UP and TAKE ACTION!!!

Cheers to your marriage getting REVAMPED!!!

What Trainings You  Should Expect Inside The Challenge:

Once you show up and implement the lessons learned, you can expect to revive the passion and emotional connection with your king.

You can also expect to see yourself become happier, your king become extremely happier and impressed, and you should expect mouth watering gifts from your kind as appreciation for putting in the work.

You should also expect to see him return home earlier than usual to be with his beautiful Queen.

You should most definitely expect to see renewed love and affection between you two.

What More Women Are Saying About This Challange

THE 21 DAYS REVAMP CHALLENGE is like no other program out there to revive and bring back spark in marriages. Over 500 queens brag about it.

This Challenge Is Not For You If:

This Challenge Is For You If:

Why Should You Get Revamped Wit Us?

– TRIED & TESTED: 21 DRC is the secret PROGRAM that helps you eliminate guess work, fear and sexual pleasure struggles.

– PASSIONATE: We realize that marriage is hard work and intimacy as an important part of the happiness in marriage must be encouraged if those involved will truly say that they are close and in love. And happy homes light us up.

– RESULT GUARANTEED: We don’t just take your money, your satisfaction is our most prized asset and we will stop at nothing to see your desired result achieved. And that is why those who have gone through this program keep referring us to more people.

– CONSISTENT REMINDERS: Unlike most programs out there, we keep tabs on you daily to make sure you are carrying out your tasks. So if you tend to get very busy and forget or postpone things, trust me, that’s not going to be your experience here.


Now that you know what to expect and what you will gain or lose by joining this challenge or not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


Meet Your Lead Coach

Cecilia Agu

I am an international speaker, Amazon published author, Award winning Counselor, Certified Relationship and Marriage Counselor, a certified Intimacy Coach, and Clinical Sexologist. 

I am one of the most international sort after speakers on marriage, intimacy & sex, and I speak to a wide range of audience about God, marriage and sex. 

I have currently helped over 10,000 couples add spice and sizzle to their marriage to the Glory of God. And I am very passionate about your results!

I say it as it is and takes a NO-NONSENSE tough love approach to all marital issues just because truth can be hard to swallow, but effective when accepted. 

I invented of THE FIRST COUPLE’S GAME CARDS IN AFRICA to help couples communicate more, and  I have authored of 3 books “15 fun activities for couples” “How to become a better lover”,  “270 flirty messages to send to him, and 300 flirty messages to send to him” 

From a rape survivor who hated sex in the early years of marriage to becoming the BEDROOM MATTERS BOSS, serving the world with her MESSage! 

In a nutshell, I will help you become the best version of yourself for you and your marriage. With me, You will get the desired result, with GOD on our side!

Here’s A Final Recap Of Everything You Are Getting Today When You Sign Uo For The 21 Days Revamp Challenge:

This Is How It Works…

Step #1 – Select your preferred plan and fill in the form below

Step #2 – Pay using Stripe, PayStack or Direct Bank Transfer Using The Account Details Below This Page.

Step #3 – You’ll be taken to a “Thankyou Page” with a button below to access to “Private VIP Whatsapp Group, 21 Days Activities Calendar, Erotic Ebook, Romantic Playlist”

Now Start By Picking Your Plan Below 

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Upon signing up, you will have access to your own learning dashboard and you will also be added to the support group on whatsapp.

Unfortunately there is none! However, we encourage you to save towards it. You can also request our account details if you want to deposit gradually till your fee is completed. But that should be done before the challenge starts.

We require about 5 to 10 minutes of your time daily to ask any questions. learn from nuggets being dropped in the group and results being submitted! This is truly a small price to pay for the happiness of your marriage.

At least 50% participation is required. So If you can’t commit to this, then wait till you can.

This challenge works for every woman who puts her mind to it and takes action. IT WILL WORK FOR YOU!

It is not compulsory to carry out all tasks, we encourage you to do them though. But do what you’re comfortable doing. The goal is to keep things fresh and fun in the bedroom and everywhere else. lol.

Yes you do, a few days weekly in the group. It is a group challenge, not a private one. However, if you paid for the challenge and coaching package, then you have 2 private sessions with me and can chat with me privately for the period of the challenge.

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